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Joshua Foiritain
#943 - October 10 2012, 21:30:07
Joining Coreli in a few (easy) steps:

1: Create an account, activate it & log in. (If you're not receiving an activation mail poke Joshua Foiritain on our discord or ingame)

2: Select "Portal > Account > ESI Authorizations" from the drop down menu.

3: Follow the listed instructions. Add all your accounts to the portal, add all characters to each of the accounts. Don't skip any. Cyno alts, market alts, your random low-sec gate scouting alt, alts you never log into. All of them.

4: Create an account on the PL Forums, make sure the character names matches the name of your main exactly. If the registration page doesn't show your character picture you've typed your name wrong.

5: Once thats done go to and start at step 6.

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Page 1 of 1 [ 1 posts ]
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