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Trial Period
Your first month in Coreli will be your trial period, during this period your performance and fleet attendance will be monitored. While we do not have set minimums for number of kills or percentage of fleets attendance required members who spend more time carebearing then they do PVPing will be sent back to their NPC corp.
We are extremely strict in purging inactive members from the corporation. If you do not log in for 30 days you will be expelled. If you need to go away from EVE for an extended period you will be expected to flag yourself as away in our website portal, this way we know that you haven't gone inactive and will be returning so you will not be expelled.
Rules of Engagement
All targets except blues are legitimate targets. You're allowed to kill and pod freely for fun and/or profit. Full NBSI rules of engagement are in effect everywhere except for highsec. Suicide ganking in highsec is not allowed on MC characters.
No smack talking in local chat. In-character angry banter is allowed within reason; use common sense to determine when you're putting yourself and the corporation in a bad light.
No breaking of deals and agreements, oral or written. This includes dishonoring ransoms among other things. Scamming is not allowed on characters that are a member of Coreli but you are free to do so on alts.
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